Social Responsibility
Soyo Municipal Hospital


Angola LNG has contributed greatly to the growth and development of Soyo with a number of construction activities having been completed or underway as part of Angola LNG’s social and community investment plan.

These activities include:

  • infrastructure improvements to 10 kilometres of city roads,
  • upgrades to Soyo airport – including new terminal buildings, a fire station and air traffic control tower,
  • building a new road and bridge between Kwanda Base and the industrial zone, and
  • construction of a power plant to serve the local community.

Two examples of Angola LNG's community activity include support with Soyo's health and education programmes.

Soyo Municipal Hospital

Angola LNG has completed $20 million in upgrades to the Soyo Municipal Hospital. The project has been responsible for the construction of a new emergency services unit; a new maternity ward; a new unit for infectious diseases and a new laboratory building. All of this has been done with the co-operation of the Ministry of Health and the hospital is now one of the most up to date facilities in the province.

Angola LNG is also helping with the administration of the hospital, and has provided critical power and water supplies. As well as providing infrastructure support, Angola LNG has supplied medical equipment; a range of office furniture; a water well and a sewage handling system. Most important, the project has delivered an increase in the number of beds at the hospital, up from 90 to 184.

Away from the hospital, it is helping small clinics around the Soyo municipality and engaging with NGOs who are devoted to helping with healthcare. The project supports a rural community health programme which includes provision of mosquito nets, TB diagnosis and treatment, anti HIV campaigns, and anti-drug and alcohol education.

Bairro da Marinha School

Angola LNG has completed $5 million upgrade to the Bairro da Marinha School in Soyo. A partnership between Angola LNG and the Soyo Municipal Authorities this programme was set up to provide the improvements required for better educational provision to the local community.

The school has grown substantially from its 300 students to cater for an additional 900. There are 12 new classroom buildings and a separate multi-purpose facility with a library, science laboratory, IT suite, teachers' lounge and principal’s office. Outside the classroom, there has been a significant boost to sports with a new multi-purpose field and playground.