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Our Vision & Values
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Our Vision & Values


Angola LNG’s vision is to be a reliable and competitive supplier, a strong community partner and a role model for sustainable development in Angola.

This vision provides the inspiration for Angola LNG to be the most respected and admired business enterprise in Angola. To achieve that, it has put in place in strong foundations to make the company safe, trusted and valued.

In order to achieve its vision, the project will provide clean and reliable energy to customers and a return on investment for shareholders. This is achieved by gathering associated gas from Angola’s offshore oil fields and contributing to the elimination of flaring.  Angola LNG shipped its first cargo in June 2013 and takes great pride in having created a world-class LNG facility to help meet global energy demand.


Angola LNG’s values are embedded in its culture and act as the backbone of business behaviour:

Honesty and integrity

This goes much further than adhering to professional standards: it is about openness and prudent judgment. It is about being trustworthy and straightforward in all working relationships.

Protection of people and environment

Health, environment and safety are of paramount importance to everything Angola LNG does. Looking after its workforce and the surrounding community and caring about and protecting the environment is - and always will be - at the heart of our strategy.


Angola LNG is committed, innovative and proactive and always strives to provide quality service, while being reliable and responsible.


Striving to achieve the best performance will help the team drive results that differentiate Angola LNG from its competitors and deliver for the country.


Angola LNG believes that teamwork leverages individual strengths. It is committed to common goals and openly communicates up, down, and across the organisation, valuing the diversity of its workforce.