3 vessels loading in Soyo


Three jetties are provided at the plant in Soyo for berthing and loading of tankers. One is dedicated to LNG ships, the second supports propane, butane and condensate, and the third is dedicated to pressurised butane loading.

LNG is sold on either a Delivered Ex Ship (DES) to a terminal nominated by the buyer or Free On Board (FOB) basis where the buyer will arrange collection from Soyo. All other products are sold on an FOB basis.

A fleet of seven 160,000 m3 LNG vessels has been chartered on a long term basis to transport Angola LNG cargoes to customers around the world.

Angola LNG has delivered over 400 LNG cargoes to global destinations. Our cargoes have been delivered to over 25 countries worldwide and have covered more than 3,000,000 nautical miles.

Fleet operations are under continuous review to comply with the International Maritime Organisations energy efficiency improvement and carbon reduction mandates effective from January 2023.

Shipping currently accounts for approximately 20% of our total lifecycle emissions and we are working to implement a series of initiatives to improve emissions over the next few years as we embark on a road to net zero. During the first stage of modifications to our vessels, Angola LNG has estimated that a substantial commitment will be required to improve our carbon footprint.