Social Responsibility
Students from the Bairro Marinha School

Social Responsibility

Angola LNG has invested significant resources into the local community. In addition to promoting the use of local companies and providing training and local jobs during the construction and operation phases, Angola LNG has contributed greatly to the growth and development of Soyo.

With approximately $590 million of social investment activities completed or underway as part of its Community Investment programme Angola LNG has a strong track record of significant investment in the local community.

Two key projects are the renovation and expansion of the Soyo municipal hospital to improve the health of the community, and the refurbishment and expansion of the Bairro da Marinha School to develop a more highly educated population.

Other projects include infrastructure improvements to the city roads; upgrades to Soyo airport; a new road and bridge connecting Kwanda Island to the Soyo Industrial Zone; and a gas fired power plant to serve the local community.

Angola LNG is committed to conservation of biodiversity, and has set up a turtle management programme to protect Olive Ridley sea turtles that migrate to the northern beach of Kwanda Island each year. Angola LNG is also involved in the protection of the Giant Sable Antelope (Palanca Negra Gigante), a critically endangered species, native only to the province of Malanje, which represents the symbol of the nation and is part of the Angola LNG project's logo.

Transparency and community liaison are the hallmarks of Angola LNG and the project has run hundreds of meetings and workshops in Luanda and Soyo to provide information and to seek the views of the government, local people and other interested parties. The establishment of an information centre in Soyo has ensured that the community has the ability to stay in touch at all times.

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Did you know?

Angola LNG has set up an information centre in Soyo to ensure that the local community has the ability to keep up to date with the project’s developments and stay in touch at all times.