Angola LNG plant status

Angola LNG plant status

Soyo, Angola, 16 May 2014: Angola LNG can confirm that an incident took place at the Angola LNG plant in Soyo on 10 April 2014.

A pipe connection at the plant failed, resulting in a hydrocarbon vapour release into the atmosphere.

No explosion, fire or injuries were caused as a result of this incident, and the plant was safely shutdown.

Further investigation continues but initial findings suggest that a number of actions will now be required.

Angola LNG’s primary responsibility remains safety of the plant and its people and addressing the current issues in order to ensure that the plant can restart, achieve stability, and ramp up to full production.

Angola LNG is not able to comment on the next production date, although it is expected that inspections and corrections will take a number of months. Angola LNG will provide a further update in due course.