Safely producing and delivering Angolan LNG to the world

Our History & Overview


1997       Joint feasibility study for Angola LNG project agreed

1999       Gas utilisation agreement signed and the Angola LNG project begins

2002       Participation agreement signed between operators of gas supplying blocks

2007       Final Investment Decision taken and investment contract signed

2008       Plant construction begins

2009       OPCO and SOMG established

2009       First LNG storage tank construction begins

2011       Pipeline test and the arrival of gas onshore

2012       Angola LNG Marketing Ltd established

2012       Plant construction complete

2013       Production of first LNG

2013       The first cargo of LNG is shipped and safely delivered to Brazil

2013       Completion of various Angola LNG social investment projects

2014       First LPG, domestic butane and condensate cargoes sold

The Angola LNG project is one of the largest ever single investments in the Angolan oil and gas industry. It is of significant national importance and central to the country’s plans to:

- develop and benefit from its natural gas resource

- reduce gas flaring and greenhouse gas emissions

- boost economic development in Angola

Did you know?

Angola LNG has employed the most up-to-date technology to construct one of the world’s most modern LNG processing facilities and harness natural resources for the benefit of Angola.